Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time Management Tips

time management tips
how to be more productive.
how to get more from the time we have?
the modern life bring us tools that can save us a lot of time,
but we need to do many things! actually too many things!
it is quiet difficult to handle all of our tasks and be relax and productive.
so if we want to achieve a goal we have to concede other tasks.
i am going to make it simple by looking it from the biggest time stealers
and from that decide what is more important in life for us.

here are the biggest time stealers

1. sickness, illness.
2. problems.
3. lost things.
4. handling other people tasks.
5. going too deep into details.
6. learning new material.
7. stubbornness, arguments
8. doing something that you don't know how.
so if you avoid those things you are in a good direction,
and you can start working on your important tasks. so in time you will get progress.
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