Monday, August 13, 2007

Internet Meetings

The internet has brought the world closer than ever before.
The internet has taken the ability to share information to a new level with brand new
abilities to work and communicate worldwide.
Internet meetings are also known as virtual meetings.
They are web based and accessible to anyone with internet access.
Unlike email – internet meetings are real time.
They allow you to get immediate feedback and communicate your
ideas faster.
Whether you want to talk to people across town, across the country, or across the world, Internet meetings are a great, cost-effective way to do it.
not only it cost almost nothing, it save you time that you might spend on the road.
i myself was talking to my business partner almost a year using skype
and other voip free call services. he was living about 40 miles from me.
so i saved telephone bills and time on the road in order to meet him.
as i am working online most of the day producers and sellers from china call me using skype
it's something i never dreamed of few years ago.
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