Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Successful Entrepreneur

your guide to A Successful Entrepreneur

so you decide to be A Successful Entrepreneur
it is a good start to a long way not easy but at the end reworded
here are some steps you will have to take
what are your skills ?
you is the most important asset you need for A Successful Entrepreneur.
ask yourself some questions before you jump into the cold water.
you need to have some personal skills or willing to learn or purchase them.
you have to be brave, talent, patient,consistence, and prepared to work hard and for long distance.
financial ability
check your financial ability to pay all your expenses if you will decide to leave your job in a point when you want to put all your time and effort on your new business.
and the new business is not profitable yet.
if you have a good idea you can get investors to invest in your idea.
make a business plan
when you write your plan you learn a lot and can make the changes to the plan to meet the status you are on that time
make a marketing plan
what is your destination market some time make some tests of your product on the real market.
take professionals assistance (if you can).
sumerise it in 3 words
plan, focus, act or believe, initiate, win
have good luck
A Successful Entrepreneur


stacie28 said...

Characteristics like patience, hard-work, determination or passion are absolutely necessary to be a successful entrepreneur today. Actually, famous entrepreneurs like Donald Trump, Bill Gates or Yuri Mintskovsky have in common these qualities.

Unknown said...
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