Tuesday, August 7, 2007

are the rules of time management course human?

are the rules of time management course human?
hi this is me alladin.
this week i had a discussion with ora.
she is my relative and she is a group manager in a company that collect tax money from peoples that don't pay their debts on time.
i told her i am dealing with the time subject of how to handle everything that i plan on time.
ora said you know i just finished a time management course and i think you can't apply what they suggest.
for example ora said - in my job we have a goal of collecting a certain money by the end of each month.
so if i see that my group does not meet the challenge,
i am taking care of other workers tasks in my group.
i told her that she is doing wrong.
she is working harder then she suppose to.
if someone in her group see that someone else doing his work he will not try to improve.
also sometime the owner or the head manager can challenge them with more then the amount of workers can meet,
so he should bring more workers.
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