Monday, August 13, 2007

Model To Success Online With Adsense

what are the major elements of the model to success online with AdSense.
1. choose a model - make a plan select your model of revenue, affiliate, AdSense, both, etc.
2. learn, learn, learn all the time! there is a lot to learn.
3. find a niche.
4. select good keywords for each web page.
5. select a good domain name.
6. build optimised web pages that contain the selected keywords in the content.
7. create links to the web pages each to the headline - use blogs.
8. analyze the statistics.
9. improve your cycle elements.
10. make more of the same - repeat the cycle.
use good tools to assist you
Act, Act, Act
focus all the time, don't let all the temptations around to takes you out of the way.
how long it should take to implement the process from scratch?
i fill some gurus will not like what i am saying.
but some of them spent few years until they start earning good money.
for a technical skilled person with some Internet knowledge for the first
cycle it might take about 6 months then the more you do you gain speed.
but you can always hire others to do some of the process for you.
for ordinary person without any Internet knowledge it could take years
unless he will use others (professionals) to implement the process.
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