Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are Cheap Airlines All That Bad?

Are Cheap Airlines All That Bad?
do we have to be careful from cheap airlines. well in April this year i had to fly to Rome Italy urgent. as i don't make any move without checking in the internet. so i checked in google flights to Rome Italy. i found flights from 280$ for 1 person to 444$ not speaking about regular flights for 1000$ and more. so i checked about the 444$ offer and it was even cheaper 340$ and in very well known airline very reliable. so i said to myself if saving 40-60$ worth to fly with charter airlines. particularly that my son less then month before found a flight for 200$ to Rome but when they expected to take off the airplane had a problem so they delayed the flight 6 hours later and they changed the airplane to another. when he arrived in Rome his suitcase did not came with the flight and only after a week he received his luggage and some of the food he took with him was spoiled. well i took the 340$ flight and everything was excellent.
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